At Windsor Yoga Club we provide guided meditations and teach different meditation techniques Each technique brings about different effects. Each practice improves our health in different ways.

Why do we start meditating? Is it for happiness or peace within? Where ever we go we take the mind with us, all the habits with us, all the emotion with us. Meditation is the the path to Yoga where we begin to observe the mind so we get to detach a little bit from our habits, emotions, subconscious and all our beliefs.. Detatchment is a practice of disolving individuality into a form of oneness. To do this one must shed the layers of ego we carry around.

Have we suffered enough? Have we carried images of who we think we are, how we feel others see us, or brought worry about the past or worry about the future into this very moment, where niether past nor future exist? How can we end this suffering?

Ego is all our attachments to what we think, feel. This is all based on our past, so they are all preconceived. It is all our concious thought. To be eogless is to know that I am, and that is all. When you say "I am good", or "I am bad", the ego or conciousness is attaching some character to you. These characteristics are not you. Ego is a relative sense of self which is not the true essence of self, it is a false sense of separation (what separates you from others).

Meditation is not an escape. We meditate to connect ourselves with our higher self or Atman or True Self. To get there we must remove what we think of ourselves, and others. We must remove likes and dislikes. We want to be concious in our life. So when we see things as they are, without all our own preconcieved notions and thoughts what do we see? We see truth or reality not.

Meditation is not imagination, not dreaming and certainly not vague - it is very percise.

How Should I Meditate

PlaceHave an alter; anything uplifting to you.
Space should be clean, airy, light flows, water, incense
Light a lamp (represents conciousness or knowledge)
TimeRegularity - the ideal time is Brahma muhurta (sunrise/sunset). Start with 15 - 20 minutes then up to 1/2 hour then 1 hour.
HabitMake meditation a part of your schedule every day. Try to keep it at the same time every day
SittingSitting comfortabley is a contributing factor to successful meditation. Learning to sit in Ardhasiddasana may take some training but provides a more solid base as there more contact with the floor and creates a triangular path for energies to flow
Breathfocus on a rythmical breath, in for 3 out for 3
ConcentrationChoose a point of concentration (holding one thought for a period of time). It can be one of the energy points (cakras), typically Ajna (point between the eyebrows) or Anahata (heart centre).
Object of ConcentrationAn object of concentation or a mantra (sacred sound vibration) helps to open the heart to something greater than my self